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The Dynamic Use of PRP

Red Blood Cells

Treatment of tendon, ligament, and joint pain has not changed much in the past quarter century.  Patients usually receive anti-inflammatory pain medications first; if those don’t help, they are given the steroid cortisone, usually as an injection directly into the pained area.  As a last resort, they’ll undergo surgery to alleviate pain that conservative methods […]

Richards Chooses PRP, Hair Loss Presentation, KHON News Story

Garrett Richards prp for knee

Welcome to another Monday and we have had a big week of “PRP on the web”. This week featured another MLB pitcher choosing this form of treatment, another great story about PRP for hair loss and some other news videos to watch. Continue reading for all the stories we found and gathered this week surrounding […]

Medical Esthetician Praises PRP Results


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is your own bodies spun gold. Platelet Rich Plasma is the “Healing Power” within our blood. There are numerous clinical studies proving that PRP may induce the synthesis of Collagen and other matrix components. The stimulation of Fibroblast cells repair and rebuild Collagen Type 1, thus rejuvenating the skin. Micro-needling for […]

Curry Treated, PRP in Asia Pacific, More PRP Hair Loss

prp Asia pacific growth trends

Every day our PRP Treatments staff scours the web for any PRP related news, stories, videos from the past week. Here is what we found recently that might interest you from this past week of news, blogs and stories. Steph Curry Has PRP & Returns to Action May 4 – The Golden State Warriors looked to be […]

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