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How Did PRP Treatment Work for Patella Tendonosis in Both Knees?


The following is a patient experience submitted to us by Philip. Philip had patella tendonosis in both knees and decided to give PRP treatment a try. Continue reading for his answers on how effective it was. What was your injury that was treated with prp? Patella tendonosis in both knees as a result of grade […]

Dental Implants and PRP Treatments

Dental Implants and PRP Treatments

After surgeries, it takes time for tissues and bones to regenerate. However, with PRP, or platelet-rich-plasma, patients are able to promote healing in various procedures. PRP treatments for dental implants can help to accelerate bone and tissue growth as well as heal wounds helping to  guarantee long term success after various surgeries. From NFL players […]

Stem Cell Treatment for Musculoskeletal Injuries


Many treatments in the world of orthopedics involve removing or replacing damaged or injured tissue. We might “trim out” cartilage tears or perhaps “reconstruct” ACL tears by using other tissue, or we may even “replace” joints with artificial parts. However, in the world of Regenerative Medicine we try to augment the body’s own natural healing […]

World class athlete heals plantar fasciitis with PRP

plantar fasciitis

The following is a patient experience from Charlene Thomas. I am an International 1500m runner and have represented GB at the World and European Championships so as you can imagine my feet take a battering! I had PRP back in 2009 when I managed to tear my Plantar Fascia in my left foot after struggling […]

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