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PRP Therapy for All Humans & Animals

Regenerative Medicine is an area than has been developing rapidly in Human and Veterinary Medicine. One might wonder what makes it so different than the regular medical therapies that are normally performed. The answer is pretty straightforward: regenerative medicine does not kill bacteria, like antibiotics, nor does it directly attack a symptom, like painkillers; it […]

PRP Market Set for Global Growth by 2020

PRP market growth worldwide

Recent research indicates that large growth of the PRP markets in Asia and Europe will mean a large boost in the value of the global through much of the next decade. Sales of platelet-rich plasma remain strong in North America, which accounted for more than half of worldwide sales for the enriched blood plasma in […]

3 MLB Pitchers Choose PRP Treatment: Nola, Wheeler, Rea

3 mlb pitchers choose prp treatment - Nola, Wheeler, Rea

Major League Baseball saw three pitchers recently choose PRP for their injury. Pitchers, of course continue to have rising injury concerns, but one of the fastest growing ways to get the athlete back on to the field.

Earlier this month, we heard about Los Angeles Angels pitcher Andrew Heaney choose PRP instead of surgery. Heaney is still hoping to return to action, which would be quicker than most pitchers with the same injury.

Now, we have a trio of pitchers that all have elected to turn to PRP. Here is a look at the three pitchers that are the latest to join the PRP world.