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Dr. Vic Kalman

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Let us help you get back your quality of life. Dr. Vic Kalman of Morgan Kalman Clinic in Wilmington, Delaware can help you with your general orthopedics needs. He is offering you a free consultation when you receive PRP Treatment so fill out the form below and get started!
Doctor Name: Dr. Vic Kalman
Clinic Name: Morgan Kalman Clinic
2501 Silverside Road, Wilmington, Delaware, USA 19810
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Deal: Free Consultation if PRP Treatments are scheduled

Dr. Vic Kalman is a board certified orthopaedic surgeon and sports medicine/arthroscopic surgery specialist in Wilmington, DE.

He offers patients Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy and Stem Cells (via bone marrow concentrate) for injury recovery and joint pain relief as the result of musculoskeletal injuries, “wear and tear.”

This is a cutting-edge method of using your own cells to assist your body’s natural healing capabilities. Most tendon, ligament, joint injuries and some muscle injuries can be treated this way. Studies do support the use of the biologics for many musculoskeletal conditions. Most procedures can be performed in the office under local anesthesia.

PRP involves injecting the patient’s own cells directly into the damaged ligament, muscle, tendon or joint to promote healing and pain reduction under ultrasound guidance. This involves using the patient’s own blood which is drawn in the office, like getting a standard blood test. The blood is spun in a centrifuge, resulting in platelet concentration used for injection.

Stem Cells via bone marrow concentrate involves taking bone marrow from the back of your pelvic bone. It is performed under local anesthesia and is safe with few side effects. The aspirate is placed sterilely in an automated system that collects cells to be used for treatment. Just as with PRP, your cells are injected directly into the damaged areas under ultrasound guidance. Why Stem Cells? They have a higher concentration of platelets versus a standard blood draw.

What treatment and how many depend on the condition being treated and how your body responds to the treatment.  Most conditions respond from one to three treatments. Many patients return annually because of the pain relief they have experienced.

The risks from treatment are very rare and are related to the injection itself, not the solution injected. They can include localized infection, bleeding or bruising or, very rarely, temporary nerve damage.

Dr. Kalman has helped many people recover from sports medicine injuries, reduce their joint pain and get back their quality of life.

Dr. Kalman look forward to meeting you soon!

The treatment may not be covered by your insurance plan.